OS X Mavericks coming out today for FREE

mavericksThe Apple keynote is going on right now, and we finally have a Mavericks date and price. Of course, new features of Mavericks includes things such as the vastly improved multi-display support, the new version of Safari, the new Maps application, Notification improvements, Finder improvements, and more. OS X Mavericks is a huge advancement to OS X, and now you know when you can get it.

Other improvements include insane new memory management, such as the ability to allocate 6GB of data into only 4GB of memory. The following devices are compatible with Mavericks:

– iMac
– MacBook Pro

– MacBook Air
– MacBook
– Mac Pro

– Mac Mini

Everything forward

So you can get all these new features of OS X Mavericks for nothing at all, free. That is just crazy. Apple has been known to price its operating systems very cheap, pricing Mountain Lion at only $19.99. But Craig Federighi came out and said that today Apple would be “revolutionizing” the pricing of operating systems, and that is just what it did. Who would want to buy Windows 8 Pro for $199 when you can buy a Mac and update your operating system to the latest and greatest for FREE!? No one that I know of. You can check out Apple’s live stream here to keep up to date, and check back here for all the details afterwards.

What do you think about this news? Excited to see that it is free? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


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  • PedroCst

    Don’t forget Windows 8.1 is free as well.
    While that may not always be that way, you also pay a lot for your Mac in the first place. Most of all I see it fairer for customers since they’ll get more for their money spent. And that is always a great thing.