Online Apple Store offering redemption codes on OS X Lion and Mountain Lion

Apple has started offering redemption codes on OS X Lion and Mountain Lion, which are now both priced at $19.99 on the Apple Store.

In the past, upgrading your older Mac to a previous software release meant getting in touch with Apple so they could send you a DVD, or a content code. Now however, you can simply purchase either of these software releases online, and Apple will send you a redemption code via email. You can then use this on the Mac App Store to download your software update.

Mountain-Lion-Apple-Store-promo-code (1)

Obviously, the majority of Mac customers will be downloading Mavericks, however Lion/Mountain Lion are still viable options for people with Macs not powerful enough to run Mavericks.

OS X Lion and Mountain Lion are still decent pieces of software, and so the redemption code method of download is a vast improvement on the previous process of upgrading older Macs. If you’re system is wanting for power to run Mavericks, but you’d still like an upgrade, Lion and Mountain Lion are both available for purchase from the Apple Store online now! Apple Store


Via: Apple

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  • MatteoRodrigo

    They should do the same with ilife iWork…When people are getting it free for new Macs, it doesnt seem right to charge your existing customers…especially when they’ve paid over $1000 for a laptop