Non Retina space gray iPad minis showing up in Apple Stores

Space Gray iPad mini

During the iPad event this past Tuesday, all eyes were on the new iPad Air and new iPad mini with Retina display. The devices stole the show, especially the iPad Air. The completely redesigned full-sized tablet stole the attention of everyone in attendance, as well as those of us following along at home. However, it appears that Apple had more up its sleeve than originally thought.

Today, some Apple Stores began receiving shipments of iPad minis in the brand new space gray color. The surprise is that these aren’t the new iPad mini with Retina displays shown off this week, but rather the first generation tablets in a whole new color. This new version has been available online since Tuesday after the Apple event, but is just now hitting select Apple Stores. The device will start at $299 for the 16GB version WiFi only.

If you’re interested in the new space gray version of the original iPad mini, it is recommended that you call your local Apple Store as not every store has received shipments of the new color version yet. Will you be buying a space gray version of the iPad mini, or will you be spending money on a brand new iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina? Leave your comments below or tweet met at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: 9to5Mac

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