News Bite: iPhone 6 rumors, bending iPhones and the iPad 5 launch event date [VID]

Cam runs down a handful of this week’s most interesting stories so far in the latest episode of News Bite. This week we’re focusing on the recent iPhone 6 rumors, Apple’s iPad launch event later this month and the crazy reports of iPhones apparently bending themselves with no Uri Geller in sight.

iPhone 6 with 4.8 inch display?

Bending iPhones:

iOS 7 beta expires:

iPad launch event:

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  • Cj powers

    I think they will make a ipad mini c, that would come with A6 chip,same as the iphone 5c back , the ipad mini s will have a a7 chip, with touch Id. And the ipad 5 will have a a7x chip with touch Id

  • CantDriveNaked

    Do you think a new MacBook Pro will be announced? I’ve been holding off buying one for aaaages because they’re due an update

  • Cj powers

    @CantDriveNaked I’m gussing they will make them also with touch id also

  • BuddyBennett

    Here’s what we will get iPad mini c, all the colors of iPhone 5c, iPad mini s with retina display an touch ID same colors as Iphone 5s !!!!!

  • BuddyBennett

    And iPad 5s with 64 bit prosessor and touch ID same colors as Iphone 5s !!!!!

  • mihaiandrei87

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