New scale model shows Apple’s spaceship campus in incredible detail [pics]

When I first saw Apple’s plans for the new campus, I couldn’t help but be in awe of what the company was attempting to achieve. Planning has virtually flown through all the regulatory stages, and it’s virtually at its last hurdle before getting the final green light to start breaking ground on the project which will likely cost almost $6 billion to complete. And, while I was impressed by the drawings, it’s nothing compared to the level of excitement I now have after glancing at images of the 3D scale model published today by the San Jose Mercury News.

The model has been put together with such perfectionism and an eye for detail, that it’s left almost nothing to the imagination. It has a large multi-story car park with solar panels on the roof, a huge forest area as well as a road leading underground. Check out the gallery below:

This model is so detailed, it even includes miniature chairs and tables outside near what looks like a bunch of cherry blossom trees. The main campus has been fantastically well lit, with the car park even featuring some green foliage stuck to the walls.

I can’t help but think: If I’m this blown away by the model, how much more impressive is the real thing going to be?

Source: San Jose Mercury News
Via: 9to5Mac

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