New iPad mini could be thicker to house Retina Display

We’ve been hearing endless rumors over the release of a Retina Display iPad mini, the announcement of which is purported to be set for October 22. Yet the release of a Retina Display iPad, as you may remember, actually meant that the larger iPad 3 was actually slightly thicker than its predecessor. In the same way it’s now being suggested that the iPad mini Retina version will also be thicker.

At a conference in China Macotakara got some hands on time with what were apparently next-gen iPad mini cases. The cases were apparently 7.5 mm thick, up from the 7.2 mm of the current iPad mini. It’s also thought to be slightly wider, by 0.2 mm. Now obviously, those dimensions, without exceptional attention from the user will be almost unnoticeable, and of course, it’s entirely logical that the inclusion of a Retina display will in fact force Apple to increase the size of the iPad mini a little.


Seems legit…

There is however a very real possibility that case manufacturers in China who think they know the dimensions of the next iPad, are in fact wrong. The rumors presented here though are not totally outlandish though, and if Apple is to release a Retina iPad mini this month, I think we probably can expect a little extra bulk to house the new display. But if you ask me, that’s certainly a trade-off worth making!


Via: 9to5 Mac

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