Nest reinvents the smoke detector, makes it smart, iPhone connect-able and beautiful


Regularly referred to as the father or “Godfather” of the iPod, Tony Fadell has found new success with his new company, Nest. You’ll know – of course – that his revolutionary and beautiful thermostat was the talk of the town in 2012. It was a stunning, circle piece of aluminum with a display in the center. What made it more impressive was that it intelligently helps to cut down on your over-use of central heating.

You’ll be glad to know, Nest is back again for round 2. Yet again transforming a dull, plastic, and necessary piece of technology in to one that you actually crave and desire. Next Protect is a smoke/carbon monoxide detector with a difference.

Wired has the low-down:

When smoke or carbon monoxide reaches a government-specified level of peril, the device performs like every other alarm. But what sets Nest Protect apart is its vocal warning before things get that bad. This feature has the potential to save lives: Millions of people intentionally disable smoke alarms because they’re fed up when the alert blares at the slightest hint of charred bacon. Nest’s verbal alert gives owners a chance to head off a heart-palpitating klaxon call when none is warranted, making it less likely they’ll rip out the batteries in disgust. And the Nest Protect will never wake you at 3 a.m. to inform you that the battery is low—instead, when the lights go down at bedtime, its gentle ring of light provides a status report. A green glow means all is fine; a yellow circle tells you that it’s time to replace the battery.

As you’d expect, it looks like a device that Apple itself could have designed. It’s a square with rounded corners and painstaking attention to detail. And, it’s incredibly innovative. It even has an iPhone app to stay connected remotely, just in case you leave bacon in the grill when you’re rushing to work.


Unlike the usual smoke detectors which might cost a few dollars (or be provided free by your local council in the UK), the Nest Protect will have a retail price of $129 when it comes to market in the next few months.

Via: Wired

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