Logitech gamepad for iPhone leaked in press renders

@evleaks has today tweeted a picture reportedly showing a press release photo of the Logitech gamepad for the iPhone.



Apple released a new gaming controller framework with iOS 7, which will open up massive possibilities for mobile gaming. The leak, shown above, shows the controller, which fits around the entirety of the iPhone. It has textured grips on the rear, two PSP-esque shoulder buttons, an 8 way D-Pad, four function buttons on the right, along with a pause button underneath. The iPhone’s functions, namely the mute switch, the volume controls, the home button, and the camera all remain accessible.

Whilst mobile gaming controllers have been around for a little while, I’ve yet to see a really solid offering that could potentially make mobile gaming a viable alternative to the console, rather than a more arcade experience. With Logitech’s expertise in gaming peripherals behind an iOS controller, I can’t wait to see just how well this thing performs. Unless Logitech have really screwed up, or strayed away from the basics that make them great, then this will no doubt be an excellent controller which will really enhance the mobile gaming experience on iOS.

What do you think of this controller? Would you use an accessory so bulky? Do you prefer gaming by touch? Leave all your thoughts and comments on this leak in the comments section below, and be sure to follow me on Twitter @TiP_Stephen

Via: @evleaks

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  • Martin17

    Decent idea I just can’t see myself carrying an extra accessory around with me all the time…

  • JeremiahAllanJohnson

    No analog, it is crap.