LinkedIn Intro launches, includes iOS Mail integration

LinkedIn Intro Example

For fans of the professional social network LinkedIn, the company has just released a brand new software creation that will link your iOS Mail to your LinkedIn account and sync all of your contacts as well. What is different about this is it’s actually not an app. It is a download that will ask permission in settings for access to your mail, and then will link your contacts to their LinkedIn profiles to help when sending emails. Above is an example from the professional network.

Below is the description of Intro courtesy of LinkedIn:

Intro gives you everything you need to put faces to names, establish rapport, write the most effective emails — and ultimately — be brilliant with people, and better at at what you do.

Although the set-up for the software can apparently be fairly confusing, it is a big plus for anyone that is heavily involved with LinkedIn and is concerned about professional networking, or just keeping up with others through the network. If you’re interested in trying out LinkedIn Intro, head on over to this link: Intro.

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Source: 9to5Mac

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