iPhone 5s and 5c slated to land on US Cellular shelves November 8th

US Cellular Logo

It was announced today that US Cellular would be carrying the latest Apple phones, the iPhone 5s and 5c in just a few weeks. The fifth largest carrier in the United States announced that it will officially begin selling both the 5s and 5c on November 8th. As noted by TUAW, the carrier reportedly had a chance to carry the Apple devices back in 2011 but turned down the opportunity due to economic reasons.

One of the reasons cited was that Apple’s requests and terms were too unreasonable and would cause a potential loss in profit for the small regional carrier. Although it is possible that the iPhone could have helped the carrier, it is good that the carrier has taken a chance this time around and decided to carry the hottest selling phone right now.

Unfortuately for US Cellular customers looking to invest in a shiny new iPhone, no pricing has been announced yet for the carrier. The phone is not yet mentioned on the US Cellular website either, but it wouldn’t be unlikely to guess that the price will be similar to other carriers.

Are you happy to see that the iPhone is expanding to more and more regional carriers this time around? Are you planning on buying a US Cellular iPhone when it comes out on November 8th? Comment below or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: TUAW


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