iPhone 5s allegedly bending in people’s pockets all by themselves [pics]


You may remember, when the iPhone 5 was still a new device, reports surfaced online claiming that there was an issue with devices somehow bending. Of course, the users swore blind that they hadn’t placed them in back pockets or sat on them. Apparently, the iPhones just did it themselves. There are claims that the same issue plagues the iPhone 5s. Nowhereelse.fr has a few images showing one iPhone that’s particularly bent.

iphone-5s-plie-tordu-03Having worked in retail, and used iPhones for years, I can quite happily state that I don’t believe them. You wouldn’t believe the number of people that used to walk in to my store claiming that their phone’s screen had cracked “all by itself”. I just can’t see how a solid and well-made piece of aluminum can bend that way without any force whatsoever. Unless it’s been placed near something really warm and expanded as a result (as most metals will) and than contracted when it got cool again. Simple truth is that the user has indeed applied considerable physical force to it, either accidentally or on purpose. iPhones don’t “just bend” on their own. Saying that, it is quite odd that the glass on the display looks completely unharmed. Perhaps I’m too cynical.


Via: NowhereElse

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  • DrewPage

    Yeah, I have to call BS here on whoever took the picture.   Something happened to this iPhone before the picture, clearly.  Obviously, someone heated it up, bent it, and then let it cool, either on accident or on purpose.  Could have been photoshop-ed too.

  • LuisValenzuela

    Screw samsung, apple launched the first curved display smartphone!

  • maxarre

    If you want to keep the iPhone in your back pocket – like I do – then wrap it in a nice sturdy case that takes the abuse for the phone, like the Speck Candyshell.

  • Cj powers

    @maxarre a case is only for the smart person, 90 % of iphone that get stolen have no case on it.

  • Little do they know, I bent their phone with my mind.

  • Cj powers

    @CasperTek what type of case did you have on it

  • jabombardier

    They must have buns if steel….but seriously though, if the phone would bend, then wouldn’t the screen crack too? After all glass is rigid and no malleable.

  • eriknordlund

    Is it just a coincidence that almost all Apple scandals come out of China?

  • cjlandin

    applecarly714 haaha…soon the thing will rise and walk on its own #galaxyluv

  • Cj powers

    I keep my iphone 5 in a lifeproof case, it’s 100% fine

  • TiP_Cam

    @CasperTek Hahaha. Of course… Those Jedi Powers come in useful. You should see what I did with mine. Two words: Samsung Round.

  • applecarly714

    cjlandin haha. I know. I just don’t get the insanity for the iPhone. #sheep

  • hubadaki

    I have just recently noticed this problem with my Iphone 5. Funny thing is it has been in a pretty sturdy case all its life. I took it out and noticed the phone has a slight bend also around the volume area of the phone, (I Do Not Put My Phone In My Back Pocket Ever) But the screen remains straight and is coming away from the phone. I tried to bend it back but now I have made a little crack in the screen down by the home button. I rung Apple care and they want to see the phone, so I’m gonna send it off to them. I know they are gonna say that because of the crack in the screen I have cause the damage even though the damage happened after the bend. But who do you think is gonna win that argument? Not little old me

  • stiawdftw

    I’ve seen two iphone 5’s bent in this exact way.  Thin aluminum can and does bend easily so I don’t understand why everyone’s confused.  For the people saying the glass should crack if it bends I urge you to look up what gorilla glass can actually do.  It’s actually quite amazing how much it can bend without breaking.  Even being struck with ball bearings in the center of the glass doesn’t break it, it just bends.  If you hit gorilla glass on any side or corner parallel to the display then you will have problems.

  • TheBigshagowski

    DrewPage No BS. I’m a technician and have seen two new iphone 5’s with bends in the same exact spot.  I just tried to fix one by removing all guts, using some 2×4’s, C-Clamps and a few notches to straighten the case back out.  Ridiculous that the phone can bend like this.  Granted one person admitted to me he had it in his back pocket and sat on it.  But still the 4S could handle that abuse for years.  So we have started to see the future of post steve jobs apple.  Lesser quality products. I for one was ready to get a new 5S for christmas. Samsung, here I come.(Sucks I’m going to lose all my paid apple apps)…

  • Luke

    I can fully assure you I have never applied physical force to my iphone to bend it. One day condensation got under my screen and as i further investigated my phone was bent.

    • I believe you, Luke. Every used iPhone I bought, had a bend in the housing which I figure is from sitting on. Girls are notorious for storing their iPhones in the back pockets of tight jeans and most guys don’t bother with belt holsters these days, so they’re inclined to tossing the phone in a pocket. To make matters worse, a lot of cases are pliable therefore not helping in keeping the phone safe from bending.

      Aluminum and glass phones are… well, not the best for rigidity. Mind you, I don’t recall any ‘Bendgate Scandal’ regarding Android-based phones. Hmm.