iPad Air reservations to go live in China and Hong Kong on Oct. 30

With the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch last month, we saw pre-orders go live in China and Hong Kong prior to the devices being released.

iPad air

According to both Apple China and Apple Hong Kong, this will also be the case for the new iPad Air which goes on sale on November 1. The reservation system will go live on October 30 at 8 a.m. local time and will enable buyers to reserve their desired device for in-store pickup on launch day.

There’s no sign of the reservation system coming to other countries at the moment. Given the popularity of Apple devices in Hong Kong and China, and the huge black market for iDevices in those countries, it could be a system to deter ‘scalpers’ from turning up and purchasing several iPads at a time in order to resell them at a huge mark up.

Customers who reserve their iPad Air will still need to queue up on launch day, but will be safe in the knowledge that their iPad is reserved for them when they get into the store.

Those of us who are not residents of China or Hong Kong and wanting to get our hands on the impressively thin and light iPad Air will just have to brave the queues and hope that there is enough stock on launch day.

Are you planning on getting an iPad Air on November 1? Or are you holding out for the iPad mini with Retina Display “later” in November?

Via: iMore

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