iPad Air or Retina iPad mini, which will you be buying next month? [Poll]

iPad airDuring today’s special announcement, Apple revealed the next in the iPad lineup with its typical cool style. Making no apologies for silly names, pricing or anything of the sort. Tim Cook and his colleagues got up on stage and showed off Mavericks, some new MacBook Pro notebooks, and then what we were all waiting for: The next iPads.

iPad Air is the full size, 9.7-inch iPad with twice the power of the previous version, packed in to a device that’s a lot thinner, much lighter and narrower. The Retina equipped iPad mini is exactly the same device, but a small version. It has the same resolution display, but in a smaller, 7.9-inch panel. It is slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor. But not by enough to make it unwieldy. They’ll both be available in Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi+Cellular flavors in storage capacities ranging from 16-128GB.

The question is: Which will you buy? Do you want the larger display of the traditional iPad with Retina in a smaller body? Or is your idea of the perfect tablet a Retina equipped mini? Or, will you be buying an iPad 2 or non-Retina iPad mini?


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  • Dwinbush2

    Should be an option for none of the above lol. I like the inside features but I would like to see a newer design. Since my iPad is not retired yet what is waiting one more year gone hurt for a new iPad. Show me some innovation Apple! Haven’t seen none yet.

  • maeganb1971

    You don’t have an option for “none of the above”.  I don’t have a need for a tablet, and won’t be getting one.  I have my Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light for reading, and that’s enough for me.

  • jabombardier

    Crap I should’ve waited! I already bought an iPad back in june

  • Truffol

    Why on earth is Apple still offering the iPad 2? Both at $399, the iPad Mini has retina, A7 chip, Lightning cable, lighter and smaller in construction, yet the iPad 2 is bulky, heavy, non-retina, A5 chip, 30-pin, 2010 technology.
    A simplier line up with iPad mini at $299, iPad mini retina at $399, and iPad Air at $499 would have done the job.
    The poll results seem to agree too!

  • jabombardier

    My guess is so someone can have a regular size iPad at a “reasonable price. If I were them, I would’ve done the “C” treatment which is at least give it the a6 chip.