iPad Air benchmarks clock 80% faster than iPad 4

As you know, the iPad Air is to be released for sale this Friday.

However, already we’ve been able to see some Geekbench 3 tests to gauge just how fast the iPad Air’s A7 processor is, with some pretty startling results.

The iPad Air clocked speeds that show an 80 percent increase in speed over the iPad 4, an absolutely phenomenal leap. The A7 in the iPad Air is clocked just 100Mhz higher than the iPhone 5s equivalent, and is likely showing huge performance scores because of better cooling and a larger battery to power it. What’s also startling is that the iPad Air is clocking speeds 5 times faster than the iPad 2, which begs the questioning of the iPad 2’s price tag, whihc is only $100 less than the iPad Air at $299.


It’s clear then that in terms of raw performance the iPad Air is a very significant jump in performance, and certainly worth an upgrade over the iPad 4. John Poole of Primate Labs stated:

“With most recent Mac updates showing only modest performance improvements, it’s exciting to see iOS devices do the opposite, with substantial improvements between generations…I wonder how much longer Apple can keep this up?”

Apple’s jump to 64-bit architecture in their new mobile devices has totally changed the mobile landscape, with the bar for mobile performance set higher than ever before. It’s astonishing to see Apple push the boundaries of their processing power every year so consistently.

The iPad Air will be available online and in retail stores from 8am on November 1.


Via: Cnet

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  • Kevin Olson

    Can’t wait to get mine on Friday

  • I definitely want an iPad Air now.
    That said, given that the iPad mini had the specs of an iPad 2, I’d love to see the numbers comparing the first generation to the second generation with Retina.