iOS 7 Quick TiPs – Stopping those nauseating animations [VID]

iOS 7 is a huge breath of fresh air that the iPhone’s operating system desperately needed. It came with bright new colors, more rounded app icons, Notification Center, Control Center.. and a lot more. Among the “improvements” was a new set of animations transitioning you between one app and another, or from your Lock Screen to Home Screen. It also came with Parallax wallpapers. But not everyone is keen on them. Some users have even complained about them feeling motion sickness as a result of all this new movement.

In the video above, Cam shows you how to switch off the zoom-in/out animations and replace them with a much smoother, less nauseating and quicker fade in/out.

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  • Finny_cat

    Cam, that doesn’t work on my iPhone 5, it just gets rid of the parallax effect. Any suggestions?

  • squiggs77

    Finny_cat Update to iOS 7.0.3. That makes a difference in the other animations.

  • Finny_cat

    Aaaah, thought I was up to date! Thanks for that!!

  • jabombardier

    Restart your phone. I have the iPhone 5 and it stopped the animations and parallax. I turned off the motion reduction because i like them.