If Apple designed a Bluetooth headset for iPhone 5s and 5c… [Concept]

Last time Apple released a Bluetooth headset, it tanked. Really badly. So it’s quite understandable that the company hasn’t attempted the same again since. But, if it did release a headset to perfectly match the iPhone 5s color schemes, would you buy one?

Below is a video put together showing some concepts designed by David Stockton‏‏:

Now, while I’m fairly certain that Apple will never release anything like this ever again, it did get me intrigued at the possibility. But, I have to suggest that a couple of things would need to change for it to even be considered by Cupertino’s team. Firstly, I don’t think the earbuds shown are ever going to be used by Apple again. And secondly, why would a Bluetooth headset feature the same antenna “gaps” used in the iPhone to separate the cellular antennas from the Bluetooth and Wireless radios?

Apart from that, I think the idea is a fairly good one. Although there’s not a massive market for Bluetooth earpieces these days, there’ll always be a small section of the market who’d like one. And, if it matched the iPhone, that surely a big selling point?

Gallery from David Stockton’s blog below:

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  • pld940

    I’m not sure if I think this looks awesome or ugly.

  • adamoram

    TiP_Kyle Just… no

  • treythebest55

    Actually, this looks pretty cool. I would like to have one of these, definitely!

  • myeg0

    TodaysiPhone this is brilliant!

  • TonyMartinaz

    apple still doesn’t support aptx, nfc. You can get a pair of voxoa headphones by searching for bluetooth aptx/aac/nfc on amazon for under $150.

  • David Stockton

    Hi Cam, thank you for featuring my work! It is great to see.To answer your first question, I actually intended on designing the headsets with the new EarPod design, however I realized this would only allow for one sided use, so I kept with the circular style to fit both ears. The antenna gap lines were purely for aesthetic purposes (they didn’t look as good without them). thanks again! :)

  • jamescharley22

    Not trying to be rude, but I thought of this earlier too. Not saying I thought of it first, but I thought of it earlier (at least to when this article was published). This was when the iPhone 4 was new so it had two full pieces of glass. The only button their was was the power button, it used system volume instead. Rather than having a power plug, it had a cradle that it shipped with and was apart of the packaging. The cradle kept if off the ground and charged it using electro-something-something (I used to know the term earlier, just tired). From their, capacitive sensors were used under the outer most cover glass so swiping forward would answer calls, and backward declining. Holding anywhere would active Siri. Under the cover glass was an LED that illuminate different colors to tell you it’s state of being. I too think it’s a great idea.

  • Lorraine Jacobs

    Why wouldn’t
    apple make a Bluetooth headset anyway? Maybe for sure it won’t click that much
    in the market because of its price and people would prefer other brands that is
    compatible but it an affordable price. Well, whatever their reasons we never
    really know. I am not closing my doors to those options of having an Apple
    brand Bluetooth headset. I am just curious if any of those designs presented on
    this article would be their choice. -http://www.bluetechguy.com/