I hope Apple’s iWatch looks nothing like this Nokia concept

The iWatch is one rumored device that I honestly think could be revolutionary. I firmly believe that it could be the first widely adopted wearable technology and could change the way we interact with our technology. If (when) Apple releases its iWatch, I will probably be at the front of the line to buy it (or the first online pre-order for the device). But I hope that the design is carefully thought out. Since it’s been a while since the rumors started, it is likely that they are taking their time designing it (or they aren’t working on it at all…that would be a bummer). If the iWatch does come a reality, however, I sure do hope it doesn’t look like the latest concept by a Nokia designer.

Nokia Smart Watch

The watch featured in the video available at the source link has six segments, and each can run a different application. The watch was designed in part by Kent Lyons, who sent the video over to Engadget. The video shows the device from all angles, and shows how the six segment watch works. Personally, I think the bulk of the watch, as well as the fact that the display is on all sides of the watch, seem both impractical and look goofy.

The good news about the Apple iWatch is it’s almost guaranteed to not look like this. This over cluttered design seems very far from Jony Ive’s view of simplistic and clean designs. I personally want the iWatch to give me simple information and not attempt to be over complicated. What do you think about this six segmented concept? Would you prefer something like this, or a more simple approach? Drop a comment below or tweet me @TiP_Griffin.

Source (and video): Engadget

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  • whitm88

    Have you ever heard of the Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch? Apple is going to have to start being revolutionary first. After all the latest iPhone doesn’t appear to have anything revolutionary on it

  • jashfarm

    Galaxy gear really lol!

  • jashfarm

    Galaxy gear really lol! How is that revolutionary? It’s just like every other smart watch yet they put a camera on that you can’t use for video calls because it’s backwards. Don’t worry apple is already miles ahead if that just wait. And saying the new iphone doesn’t have any thing revolutionary on it ? We’ll how about the worlds first 64bit processor in a smart phone that’s faster than anything out or a finger print scanner in the home button not even samsung can do that they will stick it behind the phone under the camera like all the other android phones.

  • jabombardier

    @whitm88 yes we know about the galaxy Gear. The thing about the galaxy gear is that it is rushed and is pretty much gimmicky. It relies on being connected to the phone also just makes it redundant. Because of apple’s track record of making their products simple and elegant it is a fact that it will be better than the galaxy gear in the looks and feel department and possibly operation. But if it has to be connected to the iPhone, then I will just not buy one

  • @jashfarm wow you are an idiot. Obvious nothing but a apple fanboy. finger print scanner is so basic of a technology just patterns and mathematics. Samsung can do smart stay, and all sorts of features detecting eye movement, you think they can make a simple finger print scanner? I’ll give you credit the worlds first 64 bit processor is impressive,- but not for the price. Other manufactures are not behind, they just want to release a affordable device, not so over-priced crap like Apple. I have released a finger print scanner app on the market years ago. I am sure samsung could do this too, perhaps they realized it would be such a waist of time for something that is not-so-secure. (like what ever hacker on the net has realized) Get your facts right- or go back to beating it to your iphone.

  • Showerman

    Waist lol. Spell much? @LifeOfCoding @jashfarm

  • @Showerman is that all you got to say? spell much?
    I missed spelled one word out of tying a paragraph on my phone. stfu unless you have something useful to say