‘Hello’ launches on Indiegogo, seeks to provide a more open, secure rival to Skype

Every now and then I get sent an email offering me the chance to hear about an unreleased product. Could be an app, or an accessory. Normally, if there’s no information about the product or service, I ignore it. But, something about Hello intrigued me.

Hello is essentially an idea to re-think the way we manage our phone calls, messages, IM and voice mail. But, it promises to be completely secure (not even Hello has access to your information), and you can build in third party integration because it’s also completely open source. Perhaps even more intriguing is that it’s planned to be compatible with IFTTT (If This Than That), so you can create recipes that filter calls at specific times, or – for businesses – make pre-recorded calls, or store voicemail in Dropbox.

20131006183545-overviewThen there’s “Unibox” which is essentially a unified inbox for your communications where you can organize everything.

20131005074548-iphoneDepending on how much funding the company gets on Indiegogo, it’s planning to launch native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. So, it’ll be cross-platform in the broadest sense of the term.

If you’re intrigued, as I was, head on over to the project page and you can contribute from as little as $5 up to a huge $250,000. Depending on the level of contribution, your reward is determined. Some will be a simple “thank you” while others will give you a “hello” T-shirt and the choice of a username.

Indiegogo Page: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hello-it-s-like-skype-but-smart-open-secure



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