Gold iPhone 5s was reportedly called ‘The Kardashian Phone’ by Apple employees

Gold iPhone 5

The gold iPhone 5s sure did catch a lot of flack before it was announced by Apple last month. Before the official unveiling, bright gold colored iPhone photos were leaked, leading many of us thinking “that looks tacky.” That was also discussed among some of us here at Today’s iPhone. Many of us said that we would never buy the iPhone that was leaked. But when Apple showed off the real gold device, we were pleasantly surprised. My reaction was “that looks WAY better than I thought it would,” and many others agreed. However, according to rumors, Apple employees had a little fun with the idea of a gold iPhone. Rumors claim that the gold iPhone 5s was jokingly referred to as “The Kardashian Phone” by Apple employees.

Kim Kardashian iPhone

The nickname first came to light today in a tweet by New York Times’s Nick Bilton. TechCrunch even confirmed the rumor with its sources. The joke was made because Kardashian had her iPhone 5 colored gold through AnoStyle. Because she was known to own a “gold” iPhone, the Apple employees decided to have a little fun with it, and (unofficially) named the actual gold iPhone 5s after her.

While the gold iPhone 5s is certainly not as horrible looking as originally rumored (I acutally like it), I still think it’s pretty hilarious that Apple employees poked fun at both the device and Kim Kardashian. Do you think Apple employees were funny, or do you think this joke is out of line? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below or send me a tweet @TiP_Griffin.

Source: TechCrunch

Image via: BGR, Zimbio

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  • mikestanton100

    How can that be possibly out of line? Incredibly inoffensive. What a ridiculous thing to say!