Flipcase app turns your iPhone 5c case in to a Connect 4 board


With any Apple product release, creative people quickly get onboard with unique and unusual ways to make the most of them. With the square iPod nano a couple of years ago, companies made wrist straps to wear them as watches. Manufacturers like Ƶlloclip have created clip-on camera lenses for the iPhone 5 and 5s. With the 5c, we’ve already seen examples of a company creating ways to customize the look of the official holed case by printing out icons to stick behind the holes.

Flipcase – so far – is my favorite use of the iPhone 5c’s official case. Essentially, it’s a game of Connect 4 that requires you to use your case in a manner you’re probably not accustomed to. Once you load up the game, you place your 5c case over the front of your phone where the holes transform in to Connect 4 game slots. You get the to choose between multiplayer or playing against the AI player. Playing is as simple as tapping the column you want your counter to drop down.

Flipcase is available to download now, and is free. App Store Link.

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