First iPhone 5s magazine ads published, Touch ID sensor featured


Since launch, only one of the two new iPhones has been highlighted in the press and on TV: iPhone 5c. Apple’s been pushing the colorful device hard to get people used to the idea of an alternative to its flagship, elegant iPhone. For the first time, an ad has been printed featuring the gold iPhone and the Touch ID sensor. The ad above was printed in The New Yorker.

Your finger is the password.

Touch ID was created not only to protect all the important and personal information on your phone, but to be so easy to use, you’ll actually use it. Its state-of-the-art technology learns your unique fingerprint, so you can unlock your phone or even authorize purchases with just a simple touch.

Touch ID. Only on iPhone 5s.

You can expect more 5s ads to pop up across all kinds of media over the next few months. I can’t imagine it’ll be too long before we see a Touch ID TV ad showing off the new security feature. Once stock levels reach good levels for the 5s, you can be sure that Apple’s iPhone 5s publicity will ramp up to match that of the iPhone 5c.


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