Evomail launches EvoCloud, “Improves Everything at Evomail”

EVOMAIL-EVOCLOUD1Evomail has just announced a huge backend upgrade it is calling EvoCloud. What EvoCloud looks to do is increase performance and user convenience when it comes to their mail experience. In this announcement, Evomail said that this sets up the platform to support Exchange and soon see an update for iOS 7. Here is the simple and technical explanation via Evomail:

Simply put, EvoCloud is the backend, the hub, the central nervous system of Evomail. Before this, we were using a standard server. Now we’re powering our own proprietary cloud system that will let us do things no one else can do. EvoCloud pushes Evomail to that next level we’ve been primed for all along.

More technical? “EvoCloud was an opportunity for us to clean-up a large amount of technical code debt built up from when we first started,” said co-founder and CEO Jonathan George. It wasn’t a complete rewrite of our system, but we did gut the initial code base. We also moved from Ruby to JRuby for performance reasons (in particular, native threading).

Improved push notifications and Dropbox integration are two of the improvements with EvoCloud. The Dropbox integration is a pretty neat idea: every time you send an email, it will save any attachments to your Dropbox as to prevent any lost documents, pictures, etc. Support for outlook.com and office365.com accounts also comes with the introduction of EvoCloud. If you don’t already use Evomail but would like to, you can download it here for free: Evomail.

What do you think? Looking forward tot he improvements? Wondering what else is in the pipeline? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Evomail


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