Dinsey and Pixar movies disappear from iTunes and Apple TV

It appears that several Disney and Pixar movies have disappeared from the iTunes store in the USA and the UK, with reports also suggesting that they are no longer available via Apple TV either.

The films include The Lion King and Mater’s Tall Tales. A reader of 9to5 Mac reported that those two films, which he had purchased, were removed from his Apple TV. On contacting Apple, it became apparent ┬áthat those films had been removed from the iTunes store by Disney, and as such, were no longer available to download either. The disgruntled user received no warnings or refund.


It’s highly unlikely that Disney has made a conscious decision to remove these films from the App Store. Rather, this appears to be a random glitch in the system. On that basis, it’s likely that the mistake should be rectified in the next couple of days. Having said that, Apple and Disney are yet to comment on the situation, so there may be some reasoning behind the disappearance of these films.

Have any of you had this problem? Or do any of you know of any other films that are no longer available on iTunes? Leave your comments below!


Via: 9to5 Mac

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  • Jiminy_Ts

    I’ve just watched the lion king on my Apple TV in the UK…

  • SBailey

    Lady and the Tramp is also gone.