“Blue Screen of Death” on the iPhone 5s? You’re not alone

179553-iphone5sbsodA rather unlikely bug is said to be plaguing a handful of iPhone 5s units outs there. (Nope, it’s not the “bending all by itself” bug). Apparently, an issue which used to haunt Windows users has jumped across to iOS. As the video below shows, the iPhone 5s is suffering from the dreaded “blue screen of death” bug.

Users have been taking to the Apple Support pages as well as the MacRumors forums complaining of the issue. It seems that for the most part, it’s only happening to iPhones using Apple’s iWork apps (Pages/Keynote/Numbers). Apparently, when they try and switch between apps when using one of the iWork programs it triggers the Blue Screen of Death and reboots the device.

We’re not sure what the problem is behind this. Whether it’s a bug in the iWork software or one in the operating system that’s not playing nice with iWork. Either way, it’s proving something of a frustration for those using iPhones on the go for document creation.

Have you had the issue? Let us know.

Via: TheVerge

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  • Skyler123

    Yeah I have experienced that on my 5s as well where it goes blue then reboots, but mine wasn’t on iWork, it just would happen at random times.

  • squiggs77

    My iPhone 4 was rock solid. My new 5s reboots itself about once every other day.

  • TruthCopy

    I was at the Apple store yesterday fiddling with one of the demo units and it rebooted. Great.

  • SuhailSachdeva

    “you are not turning it on right ” – APPLE :P

  • John Bond

    I’m sure it’s not associated with windows. Microsoft is the only corporation that has had those mysterious problems. I think it’s just a minor manufacturing problem.
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