Blackberry Resumes BBM Beta testing

Blackberry has resumed Beta testing of its BBM software, which it plans to release cross-platform in the near future.

The Canadian company had originally planned to release the messaging software to rival platforms Android and iOS a couple of weeks ago, but the launch was delayed after a version of the app was leaked to the Google Play Store, with some users managing to download the service for iOS before the plug was pulled.  . Despite this, the firm reassured consumers that it was “committed” to bringing to service to the masses. Following up on that promise, testing of the service has since resumed.


The testing includes a brand new Android release, which features a new welcome screen, the option to disable the notifications in the status bar, and a polished UI.

We’ve no confirmed date as to the release date of the service, but now it seems that the doubts cast on the service in light of takeover talks were unfounded.

The release of BBM to Android and iOS is an absolutely baffling move from the former smart phone juggernaut. BBM is one of Blackberry’s most prominent selling points. Despite reliability issues, many customers return to Blackberry because the service is so useful. Releasing the service cross-platform simply gives smartphone users one less reason to stick with Blackberry.

Alongside a cross-platform mobile app, it is also reported that Blackberry plans to release a desktop version of the popular messaging service!

Via: CrackBerry



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