Belkin Express Dock for iPad/iPhone 5s/5c/5 – Unboxing and Hands On [VID]

I thought I’d found my perfect universal iPad and iPhone stand when I got the Twelve South HiRise recently, and then I came across the Belkin Express Dock for iPad. Although it says “for iPad” in the labeling, it’s compatible with any iDevice that uses a Lightning port for charging and syncing. It has a fairly wide base too, which means their shouldn’t be any issue with stability. It’s not just the wide base that makes it sturdy though. The stand – for the most part – is made of aluminum which gives the entire accessory a solid and stable feel. There are no real lose parts and there’s no assembly required.

A thin-ish layer of silicone rubber adds grip to the base to stop your stand from slipping, and the same material lines the back/rest that your iDevice leans on. Perhaps the trick up its sleeve – to coin a popular phrase – is the adjustable height of the Lightning connector. Using the scroll wheel on the back, you can raise or lower the connector to suit your needs. Its built to help negate the need to remove any cases from your iPad or iPhone, but I found it useful to adjust it when placing an iPhone on the stand. In its lowest position, the iPhone just sits bolt upright without leaning on the rest. Raising the connector puts it at more of an angle and helps lean it back. The Lightning connector part can also be pulled forwards or pushed back, which is mostly helpful for when you’re removing or docking your device.

My first impressions of the Belkin are very good indeed, I can’t wait to live with it a few more days to unearth any problems it may have. But, so far, so good. It’s available to order now from and costs $59.99 in the US and £44.99 in the UK.


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  • healeydave

    It’s nice, but just shy of £50 for a dock is taking the p**s!!

  • awartinger

    I would have liked to see what an iPhone 5/5s looks like on this base.