BBM for iPhone updated to fix various bugs caused by iOS 7.0.3


If you were one of the first people to download BlackBerry’s messenger app for iPhone, you’ll undoubtedly have noticed a couple of issues with the app once you downloaded the latest version of iOS. Personally, I found two bugs after updating to iOS 7.0.3:

  1. Scrolling up through a conversation would reach a certain point and then crash the app.
  2. Sending files crashed the app.

Both were a major frustration, but thankfully both have now seemingly been fixed by the latest BBM update. After updating the app this morning, I checked to see if both stability issues had been addressed. To my delight, they had been. And it’s got to be one of the fastest bug fixes I’ve seen for sometime. I only noticed the problem yesterday, and a day later a fix was released to the App Store. ┬áVersion features:

– Contact categories
– List Sorting and filtering in BBM Groups
– Performance improvements
– Bug fixes

Astonishingly, BBM for iPhone has been downloaded more than 10 million times, making it one of the most popular apps ever launched on to the App Store. Understandably, it didn’t take long for it to reach the top of the social messenger apps. Where it remains. Let’s hope this gets the WhatsApp developers panicking and actually doing some work on the design of their app. It’s been in need of a refresh for a long time.

If you already have BBM running on iOS 7, there’s a chance your update will have been updated automatically. To check, open the app store and hit the “updates” icon. It’ll either tell you it’s available or that it’s been downloaded. If you’re yet to try BBM, hit this link to download it.

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