Banners going up outside Yerba Buena Center ready for the iPad launch event next week


On Tuesday, October 22nd, Apple is going to show us a “lot more” of what it has planned for the rest of 2013. Of course, almost every tech fan in the world is expecting the next generations of iPad. Both 9.7″ Retina iPad and the iPad mini are expected to be getting a refresh. Along with a concrete Mac Pro launch date and the release of OS X Mavericks, we could also see some refreshed MacBooks coinciding with the keynote taking place at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.


As is customary for any Apple launch, the location chosen for the launch is being adorned with a huge window decal made up from dozens of full window vinyls. 5 days before the event, and they’re already being put up. iDB grabbed hold of some images of the first lot going up, as well as a sneak peak at the plans printed on a board.

Apple-October-2012-event-banners-002The event is due to kick off at 10am Pacific Time/1pm Eastern/6pm British Summer Time on Tuesday next week. We’ll be covering the event with our customary liveblog as well as tons of reaction following. It’s fair to say, we’re very excited here at TiP. Are you?

Image via:  iDownloadBlog from their reader, David Jones


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  • AdrianAcevedo

    Honestly, I usually am really excited for any Apple product announcement, but this time I’m not. I don’t think the iPad will be anything as special as it’s it was when it was first introduced. I’ve owned every iPad and iphone. The iphone 5s wasn’t all that amazing compared to other phones, but I still bought it because it’s consistency and quality. I KNOW the iPad will not be anything special. It’ll probably have a slimmer and lighter body with space gray, but nothing crazy for me to want to buy. I think the iPad 2 was a giant leap from the first gen. The retina versions sucked and were heavy. Apple needs an entire new category. I’m tired of the internal changes that really aren’t all that great. Who cares for “2 x faster processors and graphic chips”. It’s old. Who cares about awesome cameras on tablets. We all know we would rather use our phones. Most of us do. I’m a huge Apple fan, but I’m not excited like I used to be. My excited feeling stopped at 4s.