Awesome iWatch concept features FuelBand-like design, fantastic user interface [GIF]

dribbble_small_iwatchOne of the best things about looking forward to an Apple product that may (or may not) be released at some point is enjoying the imaginations of some very talented digital artists. Over on Dribbble, Thomas Bogner has created what he openly admits looks like a FuelBand, but imagines what it would be like running a very minimal version of iOS. The animation shows the interactions between apps like Music, Messages and the main clock face.

All my questions regarding the practicality of such a design are virtually all posed by Bogner in the post. Having an interface wrapped around the wrist is really cool. But it is practical? Is it easy to use a touch screen that small?

Chances are that if Apple is going to release a watch, it’ll be unlike anything we’ve seen yet. But, if it features a similar user interface to what’s shown on the concept above, I’ll be a very happy man.

Via: TNW
Source: Dribbble


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  • Itsmeparkerg

    My only problem is that the watch’s UI is in a way that wouldn’t be ergonomic for the wrist to move. You would have to move your whole arm to do anything.

  • somair1984

    @Itsmeparkerg this is hell of a valid Question.. all iwatches till todate is big flops.. Apple have to win n bring smthing out of the box.. or may be smthing out the this world…