Apple top of the tablet market – share waning

Tablet shipment figures have shown that Apple is still top of the tablet market, however it’s share is dwindling.

In Q3 Apple shipped 14.25 million iPads, giving it a market share of 29.7 percent, down on Q2’s 33.5 percent. IHS put this down to the lack of a second quarter release and the anticipation of a Q3 product, which led to “tepid” sales of the iPad. Close behind, Samsung shipped 10.7 million tablets, giving it 22.2% of the market share, up from 20%.


It’s very important to remember however that Apple’s share of the tablet market was bound to fall in Q3, as customers waited for both the iad Air and the Retina iPad Mini. You can bet your bottom dollar that Apple’s Q4 tablet performance will be absolutely barn-storming, as customers go wild for both of those products during the holiday season. For the meantime however it seems that quantity and cheaper tablets are carrying the day for Apple’s competitor, who are quickly catching up with Cupertino. Rest assured though that Apple’s Q4 performance will alleviate any doubts over Apple’s tablet supremacy.

Apple’s iPad Air drops this Friday at 8 am in local retail stores and online, with the Retina iPad mini due for release later in November.


Via: Cnet

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  • Truffol

    Apple’s iPad hasn’t gotten a major refresh since the iPad 2, and considering all the low cost $100 tablets popping up everywhere in developing countries, it’s incredible that Apple still retains the crown. Most consumers are aware that Samsung tablets tend to be half-baked (e.g. Note 10.1) – The iPad Air will help extend the lead again!