Apple hires CableLabs former exec jean-Francois Mulé as engineering director of “undisclosed project

Apple has hired Cable television juggernaut Jean-Francois Mulé as  engineering director of an “undisclosed project”.

The move was revealed by Mulé’s LinkedIn page yesterday, disclosing that he had begun working at Apple in September. He also wrote that his role would leave him “Challenged, inspired and part of something big”, but what exactly is that “something big?”


Mulé’s experience is grounded in cable technology, and he has been involved in a several big time ventures, including CableLabs’ DOCSIS 3.0 program, and creating APIs for “second screen” video apps. With that in mind, it’s highly likely that the move is related either to Apple’s ongoing development of its Apple TV streaming service, or the development of a brand new Apple television set, which has been rumored for over a year now. It’s been rumored that Apple is creating a unique streaming device compatible with iCloud and iOS, which would probably make it the ultimate solution in streaming technology, if the rumors are true.

The move is likely to spark another massive wave of Apple television set rumors, with Tim Cook already revealing that the television market was of extreme interest to Apple, as a market that had been left behind by the rest of technology.

What do you think Mulé’s hiring will mean for Apple’s future venture in television? Leave your thoughts and comments below!


Via: Apple Insider

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