Apple files plan to appeal e-book case


Today Apple filed its plan to appeal a case brought by the Department of Justice that resulted in an injunction of e-books for Apple’s iBookstore. The company lost a September 6th ruling which resulted in the injunction of e-books by many major publishers due to alleged price fixing. In its filing, Apple said, “Apple also hereby appeals from any and all orders and rulings that were adverse to it.”

While Apple did not specifically comment on its motion to appeal the results of the case, the company still holds firm that it did not conspire with any book publishers to raise the prices on e-books in order to increase profit. Although Apple maintains its innocence, the problem will be convincing the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York that it is free of all wrongdoings. Unfortunately many experts don’t think Apple can make a great defense case, and it is likely that the company will have quite a challenge to successfully appeal the original case.

Do you believe that Apple may have consipired with major publishers to increase the prices of e-books? Do you think the company has a chance in the appeals court? Let me know by leaving a comment below, or sounding off on Twitter. @TiP_Griffin

Source: AllThingsD

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