Expect Apple to enter new product markets in 2014

Every time Apple holds earnings calls, we expect to hear some of the same things. We expect that we will hear about how the company has sold millions of iPhones and iPads, and made billions of dollars. These numbers are no longer exciting, but expected. Today, during the question and answer portion of the call is where Apple fans heard some of the more exciting and unexpected things from the head honcho, Tim Cook.


During the Q&A, Cook fielded a question from an analyst about new products. The analyst asked about a comment Cook had said which claimed that we would see new products in 2013 and 2014. While this is a question that could easily be side-stepped by Mr. Cook, but instead he made the Apple fan in me even more exited about the future of the company, and the possibility of everyone’s favorite non-existant Apple products, the iWatch and iTV. Below is the transcript off the question, thanks to MacRumors.

Q: You talked about new product categories in your introductory remarks. You said this in April as well, saying consumers and investors should expect new products and categories in second half of 2013 and first half of 2014. Should we still have that expectation? New product categories, there have not been any yet? Want to make sure we’re on the same page.

A: Didn’t say you would see them in 2013 and 2014, but you will see exciting new products from us in the fall and across 2014. I stand by that and you’ve seen a lot of things over the last couple of months. In terms of new product categories specifically, if you look at the skills that Apple has from hardware/software and services, and the incredible app ecosystem, this set of things is very unique. No one has a set of skills like this. We obviously believe that we can use our skills at building other great products that are in categories that represent areas that we do not participate today. We’re pretty confident about that.


While this really doesn’t mean anything specifically, it is definitely easy to assume that Tim Cook is referencing the iWatch or an iTV. These are by far the most rumored Apple products that don’t exist, and I sure do want them to be real. Even though they will probably be incredibly pricey, if they exist at all, they both have the capability to revolutionize their respective markets. While it’s cliche at this point, Apple truly does revolutionize the markets it enters, and I can’t wait to see what Apple has up its sleeve. Leave your thoughts below or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: iDownload Blog, MacRumors

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  • Sumyungguy

    iWatch and AirTV. I say AirTV because itll have all the wireless capabilitie of wifi like AppleTV current model and Im sure, more.