Anki DRIVE now available in Apple Stores for $199

You may or may not remember Apple’s WWDC event earlier this year, in particular the demonstration of Anki DRIVE, an iPhone-controlled racing system.

Scanning the track 500 times a second, each Anki DRIVE car has built-in sensors, and uses algorithms to determine its position, speed, trajectory and its next move. The technology is absolutely incredible, and a true testament to Apple’s iOS software.

The crowd absolutely marvelled at Anki DRIVE’s technology, and now, that tech is available to the public. Anki DRIVE is available online from the U.S. Apple store for $199. Theoretically, the cars could drive 250 mph, and still execute maneuvers within one-tench of an inch.


Anki DRIVE uses AI to deliver a totally unique racing experience. You can control your car from your iPhone or iPod touch, and you can race your friends in one on one battles, or better Anki DRIVE’s super-intelligent AI. Cars can be customized with weapons and upgrades, and each car has a unique play style to suit you. Up to four cars can be raced at once by four people, and the app to control the cars is free.

The initial pack ships with two AI intelligent cars, two more are available to purchase separately from Apple.

Anki DRIVE is a phenomenal game, and marks the beginning of a new generation in iOS based entertainment. If you’d like to learn more about it, you can check out the product page here!


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