Analyst thinks iWatch will be a home-automation gizmo

Curved iWatch Concept

Brian White is on his tour of Asia, and we already snippets from his trip suggesting all kinds of new products Apple is planning on releasing next year. The analyst from Cantor Fitzgerald is back with some more information on Apple’s upcoming iWatch:

As an Apple supplier, our contact offered insight into the “iWatch” and described this potential new device as much more than an extension of your iPhone but as a multi-purpose gateway in allowing consumers to control their home (i.e., heating/cooling, lights, audio, video, etc.).

Sounds cool, right? Imagine, you want to switch off the lights in your kitchen and all you have to do is tap something on your wrist. Or, you want to pump up the volume of music in the lounge when you walk away. Sadly, this is Brian White we’re talking about here and his track record isn’t exactly perfect.

I already commented on how his predictions regarding the 4.7″ and 5.7″ screen resolutions were way off, and won’t be done by Apple. And, if you remember, he’s also the same analyst who predicted the laughable “iRing” control that you use for the Apple TV set – that’s yet to come. It seems that whatever he has predicted in the past has some really very obvious oversights. For the iRing it was more about the size of people’s fingers and the number of people in a house it would need to fit.

Today, it’s all about the technology required. Even if the iWatch could – technically – control everything in your house, it would require some major investments on the user’s part to make the purchase worthwhile. Standard light bulbs aren’t connected to any networks. So, for starters you’d need to buy something like the Phillips Hue light system which aren’t cheap if you want the whole house hooked up. And, despite the popularity of Nest’s connected thermostat, most people’s boilers or central heating systems are not Wi-Fi compatible. In short – For every device you can supposedly control from an iWatch, most regular consumers would have to invest heavily to make their homes compatible.

Secondly, I can’t imagine for a second that Apple is wanting to turn a watch – something you wear when you’re out and about – in to something which is only really useful in your home. Personally, I’m getting to the point now where I feel no hesitance whatsoever in advising you not to listen to anything Brian White predicts. His sources – whoever they are – seem to be just giving him a wish list of what they’d like to see. In fact, I think I’ve had letters to Santa as a child with less ridiculous suggestions on it. Still waiting on that Hover Board from Back to the Future to land in my Christmas stocking.

Via: MacRumors

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