Analyst: iPhone 6 to feature 4.8-inch screen


I make it just 17 days since the iPhone 5s launched, and already we’re speculating on the features and specifications of the iPhone 6. The latest report comes from Peter Misek of Jeffries&Co., an analyst with a fairly good track record.

In a note to investors, along with the usual shares trading advice, Misek offered a nugget of information on Apple’s 9th generation iPhone*. His advice to investors was to buy, and that Apple looked like a good investment choice in its current state. And more importantly, because there’s a new iPhone coming next year:

“Despite still seeing risk to CQ4 and FY13 revs, we now believe better [gross margins] will allow Apple to skate by until iPhone 6 launches with its 4.8″ screen. We est ~50% of smartphone shipments have >4″ screens and that iPhone 6 will catalyze a large upgrade cycle. The stock is attractive based on the attitude change, FY15 revs >+15%, and valuation.”

Of course, this is still an analyst we’re talking about. He may be fairly well connected, and have a good track record, but that doesn’t mean he has any inside information on Apple’s plans.That said, both Wall Street Journal and Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities have written reports on the next iPhone’s larger display.

One thing that doesn’t sit right with me is the talk of the iPhone have a larger display, just because other manufacturers have gone that way. Apple doesn’t think that way. That doesn’t mean a bigger display is on the table. Apple is aware – by now – that it can offer a great experience on a larger screen if it wants to. But, unlike others, it won’t be content to go the easy route and make a much bigger phone to house it. If Apple is planning on releasing a 4.5-inch+ size display, you can bet the manufacturing and design of the handset will be execute in such a way that you can barely feel the difference when you’re holding it in hand.

Via: BGR

*iPhone 5c – 7th gen, iPhone 5s – 8th gen (or the other way around, either way, there have been 8 generations of iPhone thus far).

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  • DeR_N_87

    PhoneDog TodaysiPhone that’s why i stay away from the iphone because they always make a new one every 6 months.

  • TodaysiPhone

    DeR_N_87 Kidding, right? Apple announces one every 12 months. Less frequently than any other OEM. PhoneDog

  • DeR_N_87

    TodaysiPhone PhoneDog But it seems like they do #GoAndroid

  • TodaysiPhone

    DeR_N_87 Okay, but I suppose Android “seems” like they only release a new phone, what, every two weeks? PhoneDog

  • Ignignokt01

    DeR_N_87 TodaysiPhone PhoneDog lol burn… TOO many android devices and not enough running the latest version of its own OS

  • Dwinbush2

    Android has to release a device every two weeks to have devices update to the latest software. That’s why I’m #teamiphone

  • I’m not sure Apple will introduce a new resolution into their products after just two devices of 4 inch screens. Maybe if the 4.8 inch screen sports the same resolution as an iPad Mini, it would make some sense.
    iOS = very less fragmentation. Please keep it that way!

  • Dwinbush2

    I’m pretty happy with a 4.8 screen. 5.5 is too larger. My wife damaged her galaxy note 2 because it was to large.

  • jabombardier

    I be lt the analyst will be wrong when the next iPhone won’t be so big. It will be a smidge bigger at best. Not 4.8″ heck 4.0″ is perfect. If anything, they should widen the iPhone and make it 4.2″ and no more

  • raydiablo

    They said this last year. These analysts are morons. They either guess the complete obvious or rehash the previous year’s predictions. Anyone coming to this website could probably be an analyst too.

  • pld940

    There are 7 generations of the iPhone. There are two versions of the 6th generation though. The 5C is not a new generation.

  • DillonRichard

    @Dwinbush2 that has nothing to do with the android OS. The companies (Samsung, htc, lg) put out the phones with their own skin on top of android. Google drops a new version of android once a year just like apple. Know the android OS before you talk crap on it

  • Dwinbush2

    @DillonRichard android phones suck. They have to make phones every month because the phones they make don’t support their hardware for a software update. Every android as crashes and apps are not protected.

  • somair1984

    i love 4″ display if 5c.. but if they really want to increase.. plz make is wide rather then the big phone all alone.. :-)
    dont copy samsung.. they all suck..u can use the big phone 24/7 like i did my 4″ iphone …

  • DillonRichard

    @Dwinbush2 it’s funny. People like you say android apps crash all the time…yet I’ve had to reboot my iphone 5s or restart an app more on that phone than my note 2, s3 and s4. Yeah you could argue that iOS 7 is new software but it’s a horrible excuse. I love both OS’s but you can do waaay more on android. Hardly ever had to bring out my laptop when I had my note 2. Have to bust it out for my 5s just so I can put music on it

  • TiP_Cam

    @pld940 Of course it is a new generation. It’s a brand new phone.