Worlds thinnest keyboard (half a millimeter) unveiled

The claim of “worlds thinnest” is a very important and prestigious title in the world of electronics. Whether its tablets, phones, or computers, the battle for the thinnest is never-ending, and companies are always competing to claim that their device is as thin as a razor blade. However, one sector where we don’t hear this competing claim is in the area of keyboards. While they are often something that we don’t think about too much, they are an important part of our life, and if you’re using it for a mobile device, portability is extremely important.

Today, CSR, a British firm behind products such as Wireless Beats Headphones, unveiled the worlds thinnest keyboard, which measures in at around half a millimeter. For comparison, the Microsoft Surface touch keyboard is 6.5 times thicker. The keyboard is made possible because it is a custom keyboard printed onto a super thin touchscreen surface. In an interview with The Guardian, a director for the company, Paul Williamson, gave a little more information about the product.

“This is a working prototype and a glimpse forward rather than something people will be buying this year. We might see lots of shapes and sizes, some as small as iPad Mini or a larger, more rigid form for a desktop PC, which could be curved, in any colour way, transparent or fitted with a leather folio.”

Would you buy one of these keyboards for your mobile device such as an iPad? Or do you prefer a different type of keyboard? Drop a comment below!

Source: Mashable, The Guardian

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