What’s on your Home Screen? [VID]

Having a great piece of hardware running great software isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to your user experience of using a smartphone. There’s no denying that iOS is a fantastic platform, but the thing I think that’s great about it is the sheer number of apps available. There are tons, and there’s a lot of competition as developers come up with different solutions to each other, each vying for a place on your Home Screen. How you arrange your apps, Folders and Home Screens is what flavors your experience of using an iPhone.


With that all in mind, I thought I’d share with you how I’ve organized mine, and it’s predominantly taking three key factors in to consideration: Frequency of use, app icon color and hatred of clutter. Keeping all three in balance is almost impossible, but I’ve done the best I can with what I have. For instance: Instagram is one of my most used apps, but, it doesn’t look anything like any of other app icons, so I’ve place it in a row of apps with white backgrounds and yellow/green/red colors on the logo. On my first home screen I have two rows of blue apps (impossible to avoid blue – believe me, I’ve tried). The bottom row on my first home screen is all red: YouTube, AnyCal, Flipboard and Audience. AnyCal’s placement is key here, because it wouldn’t have always been my first choice calendar app. I prefer the user interface of Fantastical, but its icon is mostly white, and there are no other red apps I use frequently enough to earn a place on my first home screen. So, I gave AnyCal a whirl and it’s a great looking app, and passes my aesthetic test.


On my second home screen I have a yellow row, a black row, another blue row and a white row. On the second screen are 16 apps that I use frequently, but perhaps only once or twice per day. Mobile banking, Flickr, Digg Reader and Google Hangouts are place on the bottom row, holding up a selection of apps that I use regularly. There were a couple of replacements here needed to fit in with my color organization. Firstly, Reminders in iOS 7 is hideous, so I swapped it out for Any.DO to fit in with the other blue apps. On the second row I have Glo Bible. I used to use Tecarta’s Bible reading program, and do actually prefer it, but, it was blue and I needed an app on the row of black icons that was worth a space. Compass – sadly – rarely gets featured and I never use the Apple Stocks app.


Then on my third screen are all the apps that I like, but don’t make the cut. Since I hate clutter, I won’t go over three screens and I won’t have more than four rows of apps on a screen. So, my folders are there to stop my iPhone having too many screens that need swiping through. And – as best as possible – I’ve organized the apps in the folders by color. It’s not easy, and in some cases impossible, but it’s not that important to me here, since they’re all hidden away.

What I really wanted to know was: Am I insane? And, how do you organize your home screen? Do you use color co-ordination, or just place your apps in alphabetical order? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me your screenshots to: @TiP_Cam

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  • paulbogdan97

    Hi,can you please tell if on ios 7 they fixed playing in background on apps that suppoort that.Because in ios 6 that’s not posible anymore.

  • AlexSanders

    If you think you’re insane, just take a look at what my home screen looks like. Being a fan of breaking news, I like staying informed about all events around the globe, so, basically, I’ve got, like, hundreds of news apps installed on my iPhone, so can you imagine what’s going on when something important happens somewhere in the world, and push notification service makes its best to keep me informed, sending every now and again dozens of notifications per minute from the different apps on the same news. :-)No, you’re OK. It’s me who’s crazy.Thank you.

  • Venomator

    You like uncluttered? Well, so do I Cam… :)
    I think I need to show you and will tweet mine to you – quite simply, a kindly developer member @ MobiTog.com went to the trouble of making me an awesome Green wallpaper – why would I hide it behind a ton of multi-coloured app iCons?
    Now, if they were all Green… :)

  • The iOS 7 brings quite a good changes that are much required to compete with Android http://www.mobileosworld.com/2013/09/does-ios-7-raise-bar-for-android-43.html

  • I can’t do colors. I have to organize in some other fashion. My first page is always Apple defaults; second page is my non-game page, with folders organized by category. Pages 3 and 4 are game folders by category and each page’s folders alphabetized. After that, it’s unsorted apps for me to try and either keep or delete.

  • DrewPage

    I have apps I use most often not in folders, and the others in folders by category or type.
    Yours is definitely uncluttered.  You are not insane (waves hand like a Jedi Mind trick).

  • Kathygy

    I arrange my icons strictly for convenience of use. The ones I use most often are on page one, etc.
    However, I do take appearance of app icons into consideration when choosing which to install.