Welcome to the all-new TiP design!

TiP_Full_LogoAbout 18 months ago, David (our editorial director) and I started talking about taking the TiP in a different direction. A lot of it centered around talk about how our site looked, and what it was called as well as deciding what we should cover and how we should approach news reporting. We hashed out ideas for new names, even registering a couple of new domain names. The one thing I was clear on was that I really wanted a new logo, and a new design. Along with that, I wanted to move away from the red icon. I wasn’t a big fan.

Once we got busy with the iPhone 5 launch, we put our ideas on the shelf, and got busy covering all aspects of the new iPhone. And we got a lot more popular than we though we would in such a short space of time. With the name now being familiar, changing it didn’t seem like such a smart choice anymore.

Fast forward a few months, and I re-approached the idea again. But there was a big difference. This time we got Kyle involved. Kyle Frost (@TiP_Kyle) – one of our daily news writers – happens to be something of a graphic designer, and so I forwarded my ideas to him to see what he could do. But by this time Apple had announced iOS 7. It was clear we had to change to a logo and design that took away all the gloss and heavy gradients from our logo. The font needed changing too. We went though a few different options before settling on the one you see above:

logosAs much as this post is about the new design, it’s also a huge endorsement for KyleFrostDesign.com. He was so easy to work with. The process was something like this: I came up with a general idea, forwarded it to him, and he transformed it in to something close to what you see as the final version. We collaborated on choosing color palettes, gradients, font. We went back and forth on the thickness of the stroke on the circle. All in all, the final realization probably took us a good 3-4 months to finish as we honed and tweaked all the new elements.

What we’re left with is a crisp, and clean logo that not only retains the identity of TiP, but reflects the design and influence of iOS 7. Even the corners of the square icon are to iOS 7’s design standards.

But that’s not all. While we were at it, Kyle designed a brand new YouTube production stinger/video intro and something else I’m really keen to announce: A new rating system.

Over the past 3 and a half years we’ve used various ways to signify how good an accessory or app is. We started off with 5 stars, then I created a basic /10 watermark to go on our feature images. Recently, we’ve simply been ending a review with text. None of those was unique to us. I wanted something we could use long term, and made it instantly recognizable as a TiP review rating. Using the influence from our main logo, we came up with these:

Ratings are simple to understand, it’s an easy 1-10 system where 1 is terrible and 10 is perfect. What I will say, if a product receives anything from 7 and up, it’s good, and there will be very few products we review that get a 10.

We’re really proud of the end result of all this work, and I’m delighted that it’s finally made it. We’ve been working on it for a while, and we hope you like it. If you do, I’m sure @TiP_Kyle would love to hear your thoughts.

Designs were all produced by KyleFrostDesign.com



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  • I love the new logo and rating system. Great job Kyle and Cam!

  • FrankDeG

    Looks good. Great job guys!

  • mindoversoul

    Looks great guys!  The old look was definitely dated, this is much improved.
    Great work Kyle.

  • JakeBennett13

    SO FLAT.

  • shoesmith81

    Nice work! Really like the blue logo!

  • TiP_Cam

    @jennifer beese Thanks Jen!

  • TiP_Cam

    @shoesmith81 Thanks Rob. We love it too. :D

  • TiP_Cam

    @mindoversoul Agreed. The old logo was already looking dated last year, so, it’s been a long time coming.

  • 12.Bryce

    Yay! It looks great guys. @TiP_Cam @jennifer beese