Verizon iPhone 5s ships unlocked on GSM LTE bands

iDownload blog has today discovered that, much like last year, the Verizon iPhone 5s is compatible with GSM LTE bands.

iDownload’s Jeff Benjamin took a Verizon iPhone 5s, popped the SIM card tray open, and swapped out his Verizon SIM for a T-Mobile No Annual Contract SIM. Because T-Mobile’s No Annual Contract SIM is still “normal-sized”, some modifications were required, but once the SIM was made to fit the nano tray, the iPhone 5s was able to connect to T-Mobile’s 4G network!

This means that Verizon’s iPhone 5s, like last years iPhone 5, will ship unlocked to GSM networks, which means you’ll be able to use it (with the right SIM card of course), on T-Mobile and AT&T’s LTE networks. This development is absolutely fantastic news for those looking to travel with their iPhone 5s, because now it’s clear that the devices won’t require unlocking before switching out SIM cards.


It’s still unclear whether the same is true of the iPhone 5s on AT&T, but for now, it’s fantastic to know that buying an iPhone 5s on Verizon will get you a lot of wireless flexibility when it comes to travelling across country.

Will any of you be taking advantage of this feature? Or would you rather stick to the carrier you’re on right now? Leave your thoughts and comments below!


Via: iDownload Blog

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  • besweeet

    BLasham is*

  • BLasham

    besweeet jelly* mad*

  • jabombardier

    I rather just do like I did with the iPhone 5 and buy the unlocked GSM version

  • DanielQuinn

    I gave my iPhone 5 away in Okinawa Japan because it was tied to Softbank and couldn’t be unlocked. I went to Hawaii got a beat up iPhone 4 with no SIM card locked to ATT had it unlocked and use “” as the provider for $39.00 unlimited. I would like to get a 5 again but I want to keep my service–great!

  • I can confirm that paying full price for the Verizon iPhone 5S will allow you to use any SIM card including AT&T on all LTE bands. –

  • lbruning

    SeanCThomson thats your lawyer mind on over-drive! I was about to say 5 ≠ 5S :)

  • SeanStreiff

    Can one buy a “Verizon” 5S contract-free? Where and how?