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It’s been a couple of weeks since I rounded up the top stories of the week. And for very good reason: The build up to the iPhone launch event on Tuesday left me spending virtually all my time on that. So, it’s almost with a sigh of relief that I step away from the craziness of the past couple of weeks and bring you our top stories from the past 7 days.

1.“C” is definitely not for “Cheap”, and why I’m not buying an iPhone 5s

When I started typing up the reasons for why I preferred the iPhone 5c over the 5s as a daily driver, I wasn’t expecting it to draw in so many eyes. It was by far this week’s most popular article. I guess many readers were curious to see why I wasn’t so taken on Apple’s flagship device. “Surely a tech guy should want the best iPhone on the market, right?!” (I know some of my followers thought the same). Still, I love the look of the 5c, and can’t wait for it to arrive at my house next week.

2.Prices for iPhone 5 soar on eBay

Completely going against the trend of previous releases, after the iPhone 5c and 5s announcement iPhone 5 prices started rising on eBay. Perhaps due to the fact that it won’t exist in a week’s time, and people actually want the device. Also, the slate color is being retired, more than likely because of scratching issues. Personally can’t think of any other reason why Apple would replace it with grey.

3.See what your day looks like with Morning for iPad [Review]

It’s not often that a review gains the attention of readers, but there was a lot of interest in seeing how Morning for iPad weighed up. It’s a fantastic app, but it could do with a couple of improvement to make it truly indispensable.

4.First hands-on impressions of the iPhone 5s and 5c [Roundup]

Apple’s list of invited press folk is famously short, which means that any early hands-on articles and videos are only available at a handful of sites. We rounded up the earliest of them, and the consensus is that the iPhone 5c feels really solid. Not at all cheap. Touch ID works well.

5.“Banned” iPhone promo spoofs hit YouTube

And, as always after an iPhone launch, the “banned” promo videos emerged on YouTube. They’re funny. As always.

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