The iPhone 5s and 5c get the ‘drop-test’ treatment

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have been available for less than 24 hours but people are already subjecting them to the dreaded ‘drop-test’. These videos are difficult to watch because none of us want to even imagine that happening to our phones, especially if you’ve just got home with your shiny new iPhone 5s or 5c.

Like its predecessor, the new flagship iPhone 5s holds up really well in the majority of the drop-tests. Its exceptional, and unparalleled, build quality means that it is a dense and solid unit and withstands impact really well.

The unibody aluminium back and sides remains almost undamaged from drops around chest height.  Minor scuff marks are present around the sides and on the corners, but the device remains fully functional and the damage is almost unnoticeable.

Drops to the face hold up fairly well too in some cases and we know that the glass in the latest generations is much improved. However, glass does shatter under impact and the iPhone’s screen is not immune from this, as seen in the second video.

As far as the iPhone 5c is concerned, a drop to the back caused little if any damage – none of the cracking that might be expected from cheaper plastic phones (and even plagued the 3G and 3GS) which is probably due to that steel re-enforced polycarbonate back casing. Dropping directly on the corner caused more scuffing, but nothing major.

However, a direct drop to the face of the device completely shatters the 5c screen as expected from most smartphones, iPhones in particular.

The bottom line is, don’t drop your expensive new phone! If you’re clumsy and likely to see your precious phone meeting concrete at some point then it is definitely worth considering buying a case. While it won’t guarantee your phone will be safe, it will suffer a lot less damage if it does slip out of your hand.

Speaking of cases, Today’s iPhone readers can get a really awesome deal on PerfectFit products for a limited time. Why not get yourself a case and a screen protector and get 20% off? It could be a life saver.

And if you want to see how last year’s iPhone 5 held up to the drop-test, check out the clip below:

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • JerenYun

    Morning_Glory95 5S or 5C for you?

  • Morning_Glory95

    JerenYun I was really going to buy the 5c but I’m rethinking this now. It’s more money to buy outright and my upgrade isnt till may

  • Morning_Glory95

    JerenYun I thought about it and I think I’m just going to buy a used iPhone 5 somewhere. The wait till next year for 6

  • JerenYun

    Morning_Glory95 Good plan. The 5C looks like a good upgrade for people from a 4, especially since it’s similar specs to the 5.

  • Morning_Glory95

    JerenYun you keeping the 4S?

  • 0izDena


  • JerenYun

    Morning_Glory95 Wife and I will go with the 5S. My wife is on a 4. My 4S will go to her mom who needs a new phone.

  • p6_qz


  • Morning_Glory95

    JerenYun probably give the 4s to a family member

  • JerenYun

    Morning_Glory95 It’s still a good phone, so I agree with that idea.

  • gadget2us

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