Rumor: new iPhones to go on sale September 20 and 27 in UK


With the new iPhone announcement coming in just one week, its no surprise that rumors are ramping up in the final week. We’ve heard lots of rumors over the past year, but if we were to pick out the most likely, it’s that there will be an iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C announced next Tuesday. The release date has been rumored quite a bit in the past, and today another rumor solidifies what we’ve already heard.

The Guardian, a British newspaper, is reporting that the new iPhones will be launched in retail stores in the UK on September 20, which matches up with rumored release dates in the US as well. This is also consistent with Apple’s previous launches, because the company is known to launch its devices about a week and a half after announcing them. Stores are expected to receive the devices to sell on September 20th and 27th. Below is more information from The Guardian.

Sources close to people involved in the courier industry claim that bookings have been made for the weeks including those dates, with shops being encouraged to expect sales to begin on the Friday of each respective week.

It is not known why there are two release dates, but the most likely is that the iPhone 5S and 5C will be released one week apart. While this wasn’t a common rumor, it isn’t surprising that the company would want to space out the releases. Fortunately, we’ll only have to play the guessing game for one more week, as Apple is holding an announcement next Tuesday, September 10th to (most likely) tell us about its new iPhones.

Source: The Guardian

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    I go on holiday on the 28th of September so it best be before. :)