Poll Results: 72% of TiP readers want either a Space Grey or Gold iPhone next

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 13.00.08The image says it all. Despite my own personal preference to go with an iPhone 5c (in white), it seems most TiP readers who took part in our poll a couple of days ago want one of the new color iPhone 5s phones. An overwhelming 39% of the readers who took part said they wanted the new Space Grey iPhone 5s, with another 33% wanting the champagne gold. In third place was the silver iPhone 5s, leaving only 12% to share between the bright and colorful iPhone 5c. Of all five, blue and white were the favorites, with very few people stating they’d like yellow or pink.



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  • I’ve had black iPhones in the past. If the space grey looks really good, I might consider it. Otherwise, I think I’ll go either silver or gold for this one. It’ll be nice to change it up a bit.