Nokia and Windows Phone already making fun of the newly announced iPhone 5s and 5c

Following today’s Apple event where got to take our first official look at the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, it hasn’t taken long for Apple’s competitors to take some swipes at the fruit-based company.

Nokia takes on the iPhone 5c by suggesting that the design was inspired by its Lumia brand of smartphone stating that “Imitation is the best form of flattery”. While it comparisons will obviously be draw between the two plastic-backed, colourful devices, there is actually a world of difference between the two companies’ phones functionally. However, it’s a clever play by Nokia by all accounts and we’ll see how well the consumer reacts to the message in the months to come, I’m sure.

Windows Phone decided to take a different approach, this time with a couple of tweets aimed squarely at Apple’s new flagship device: the iPhone 5s. Although Apple announced plenty of new and improved features, such as a much better camera and potentially revolutionary Touch ID fingerprint recognition, Windows Phone thought it a good time to call out some things that Apple didn’t announce today.

A slightly more tongue-in-cheek tweet was also sent by Nokia stating that “Real gangsters don’t use gold phones”.

Whether you think it’s cheap to call out another company’s products or whether it’s all just fun and games in the marketing space, time will tell as to how well the new iPhones sell. It definitely just got a little more heated, though.

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • jabombardier

    Until Nokia outsells apple, they should just go sit down in a corner. Hey Nokia I have one thing you should do. Figure out why too many people are still not adopting windows phone.

  • somair1984

    Let’s face the facts: Apple is a billion dollar company. It’s very well connected, and has access to manufacturing plants and component makers across East Asia. If it really wanted to it could mock up a plastic phone, dedicate a Foxconn plant to churning out $250 smartphones and sell them to anyone who wants one, it could do it. But it doesn’t. Because Apple values creating great devices and experiences more than it cares about who’s winning the market share war. And because focuse – according to Steve Jobs – is more about saying “no” than saying “yes”. Just look at the PC/Mac market. Macs have been below the 5% for years, but does Apple release cheap Macs to sell more? No.
    I read a great article this morning over at, talking about yesterday’s keynote. How Apple is saying “we’re cool” and that paying for an iPhone is so worth it.
    My favorite section:
    This attitude and emphasis on higher-order differentiation – the experience of using an iPhone – dominated the entire keynote and the presentation of features, with particularly emphasis throughout on the interplay between software and hardware.
    Retail Look at our new store with an entire room devoted to service. Paying more for an iPhone is worth it.iOS 7 You get all our new features, right away, for free. Only Apple gives updates immediately. Paying more for an iPhone is worth it.iWork, iPhoto, and iMovie You get amazing software, that’s only available on iOS, with your new iPhone. Paying more for an iPhone is worth it.2iPhone 5C It looks and feels amazing, with a “bespoke” assembly and “solid dense feel you would not expect from a plastic product.” Paying more for an iPhone is worth it.A7 iPhone has the best performance. Paying more for an iPhone is worth it.Infinity Blade Look at this game that is only possible on an iPhone. Paying more for an iPhone is worth it.M7 iPhone fully integrates into every part of your day, and has exclusive apps like Nike+. Paying more for an iPhone is worth it.Camera We don’t focus on stats, we focus on helping you take better pictures through our integration of hardware and software. Paying more for an iPhone is worth it.Touch ID Apple notices and spends time on the tiny annoyances that you didn’t even notice, and does so by integrating hardware and software. And we want to protect your data, not use it. Paying more for an iPhone is worth it.
    If you disagree, well, we won’t sell you an iPhone.
    The iPhone 5c is everything the iPhone 5 was technologically, but it’s a lot more fun and “cool”. It’s colorful and bright. It’s “unapologetically plastic” but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. The plastic shell is reinforced with a steel chassis, giving it – according to almost every initial hands on experience – a very solid and dense feel.