News Bite, Sept 5 – iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner, Android Kit Kat, World’s Thinnest Keyboard and more… [VID]

This week’s news bite features some of the most interesting iOS news of the week so far. From iPhone and iPad leaks and rumors to new apps and accessories. It’s all here. Perhaps the biggest story of the tech week is Android’s decision to partner with Kit Kat for the moniker of its next version of the “open” smartphone operating system. Both companies deny that any money changed hands, and did it to surprise people. It’s a particularly good move in that it makes it infinitely more memorable than Gingerbread or Froyo. To announce it, Kit Kat released an Apple promo-style advertisement parodying Jony Ive.

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iPhone 5S home button –

iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 rumor –

iPad leaks –

iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 comparison –

Star Wars game –

2K Drive –

Sony Lens Style Camera –

Keyboard –

Kit Kat parody –

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