New iMacs launched, feature 802.11ac WiFi and Haswell chips

Last year, Apple released a brand new iMac design that made the ultimate all-in-one personal computer ridiculously thin and powerful. It was fast too if you went for the Fusion (Flash+Serial ATA combined) hard-drive or entirely Flash-based model. This year, the range has been updated again. There’s no design change this time out, but the internal components have been given a healthy boost.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 16.59.59The new iMacs now feature 802.11ac WiFi, a faster a wider reaching flavor of wireless connection, first features earlier this year in the new MacBook Airs and AirPort Extreme base stations. Along with it are improved graphics and Intel Haswell processors. Like last year’s models you have the option to choose if you want the Serial ATA hard drive, Fusion or Flash. From experience, it’s definitely with paying the extra for the Fusion Drive, especially if you do a lot of work with video and photos.

Prices start from $1,299 and go up to $1,999 depending on which size iMac you want and how powerful you’d like it to be. Apple is also expected to make its newly redesigned Mac Pro soon and teased the bin-shaped computer at WWDC way back in June. Apple is yet to announce any pricing information on that, but I’d be ver surprised to see it come in under $3,000.

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  • Huber

    Hopefully this means a mac mini refresh is also near.