Material by InqMobile for iOS, the latest Flipboard challenger – First Looks [VID]

Ever since Flipboard launched on iPad, a good number of developers have tried to compete with social news reading magazine-style apps. But few really match the market leader. When I received an email asking me to try out the latest, I was more than happy to give it a go. Material’s home page on the web offered a tempting view of what looked like an attractive, modern and flat user interface. But, it’s intelligent too. It cleverly uses your Facebook and Twitter accounts to figure out what kind of things you’re into, and builds you your very own custom “edition”.

I have to say, I’m impressed upon first trying it. It shows a huge amount of potential. Limitations right now include things like not having Vimeo/Instagram/YouTube integration, and the fact that it’s only available for iPhone. That said, early reviews are astonishingly good on iTunes.

It’s a free download, and is compatible with any iPhone running iOS 5.0. You have to try this one.

App Store link:

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