“Leak” claims to show gold iPad mini 2 with Touch ID sensor

25Hot on the heels of an earlier leak showing the iPad 5’s rear shell in Space Gray comes another pair of photos claiming to show the second generation iPad mini in the iPhone 5s’ other new color: Gold. While showing you these, I’ll offer the same caution I offered when gold iPhone parts emerged: These could be fake. Up until the day Apple actually announces the second iPad mini, we will not know for certain if there’s going to be a gold model, or if it will feature a Touch ID sensor like the iPhone 5s.


Personally, I find it highly unlikely that Apple would introduce the fingerprint scanner technology to the iPad range so soon after debuting it in the iPhone lineup. It seems a little rushed. Besides, when do fully assembled next generation products show up before an official announcement? Very rarely. Even in the weeks before the iPhone 5s was announced all the parts leaked individually of each other. Never as a complete phone. The only complete phones spotted were the iPhone 5c units in their post assembly test “cupboards”.

What do you think? Will Apple build the Touch ID sensor in to the next iPads? Will they be available in gold?

Source: DoNews
Via: 9to5Mac


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  • Nakia Zackery

    I hope, I’m tired of waiting for a larger screen on my phone, and I really want that gold!

  • ranasjsu

    TodaysiPhone With less supplies and a month waiting list?

  • Yung_Vanilla

    TiP_Cam if this is real it will sell out SO fast.

  • typicalpeep

    MalaysianiPhone iphone5 available lagi tak or dah takde stock eh?

  • MalaysianiPhone

    typicalpeep takde keluaran dah, stock ada di kedai shj.

  • Ashhruff

    MalaysianiPhone harga ipod nano berapa ek skrg?

  • sunipeyk

    mertbulan haberi sen yapsan tamam da…

  • mertbulan

    sunipeyk iyi de haberi benim yapmam mümkün değil ki :) Zaten paylaştığın site de benimle aynı kaynaktan almış haberi.