iPod Classic to be discontinued this year? [Rumor]

Rumors today are suggesting that the iPod Classic will be discontinued in 2013.

The iPod Classic in its current form has been around since 2009, but it remains essentially the same iPod that was released back in 2001, give or take a few improvements. According to Wired, several commentators are in agreement that the iPod Classic will be discontinued this year. Clinging on to a hard drive and a click wheel, the iPod Classic is beginning to show some signs of age. However, it remains an immensely popular device, partially because it’s older, optical hard drive allows for a massive amount of storage that just wouldn’t have been suitable with flash memory in an iPod. That statement however, is no longer true… With Apple releasing a 128GB iPad, and with rumors circulating of a 128GB iPhone 5S, the same kind of storage capacity that made the iPod Classic popular can now be achieved with flash memory without breaking the bank.

iPod Classic feature

It’s important to note that some predicted the death of the Classic back in 2011, two years on it’s still going strong. There may be some life in the old dog yet, but if the rumors here are true, it’s likely that the announcement will be made at Apple’s iPhone event next Tuesday!


Via: 9to5 Mac

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